I Solved the EV Scaling Problem

Jim Suszynski
5 min readMar 24, 2023

It’s a whole lot simpler than you think.

^^ It will be way more futuristic than that

Not to toot my horn too loudly, but this is a big deal. I am a freelancing idea guy connecting the dots for people I meet at home in Pittsburgh and while traveling abroad. I love thinking up new ideas and concepts but rarely put them to use — this time it’s different. I am counting on all the shares and claps I can get on this lonely Medium story. The more we get, the higher chance the right people will see it and put my ass to work. I leave the heavy lifting up to the fan(s) of this story, you’re the real hero(es).

Some of this is a joke, obviously, but the mechanics of this solution are not only 100% realistic but they’re also happening already. They’re used in the same industry and are poised to turn EV battery power into an economical commodity. One separate from profit-seeking C-Corporations and oil sheiks abound. Every piece of the puzzle already exists and operates successfully.

A smaller version of this model is operating today in Taiwan. Nationwide. Yes, it is a for-profit company doing the deed. But, there is no reason why we can’t enlist our hard-earned tax dollars to work on something as efficient that caters to the masses.

There are two main parts to this solution. Number 1 is political willpower. Number 2 is the willpower of car…