Jim Suszynski
6 min readJan 7, 2021

Deadly Pandemic, Golden Opportunity

Imagine you have a security company. You serve a large gated community and get paid handsomely for it. The residents, having paid monthly dues for a decade, are getting pissed at having to pay for something they never use. They harass security guards and go out of their way to make their job harder overall. Trucks are vandalized and people commit stupid acts because “those damn security guards should have to work for the money we pay them”.

All of the sudden, a hurricane hits followed by an earthquake. It’s an unprecedented series of unfortunate events. The government has a handle on the housing situation but is lacking in food and supply relief due to the magnitude of the problem. The gated community you serve is home to a grocery store, a hardware store, has its own water reservoir and pharmacy.

People in the surrounding areas experience mass hysteria. Store shelves are run empty, storefronts are looted, adolescents wreak havoc on local parks and common areas. You keep the community you serve safe.

There is a surplus of food and supplies in the community. Because they don’t need to stay home to protect their homes and children, the community members pool together to distribute surplus items to the surrounding neighborhoods. They volunteer to clean up debris and establish safe zones and temporary housing.